Monday, April 27, 2009


Nothing much to report. Bailey had a crappy day, and was off the CHAIN! She had issues at school, and has zoomed around the house all night at an unbelievable pace. She did manage to behave at dance, so I'm satisfied with that. Jamie had to have more injections today...this time in Reidsville. We had to wait forever, and then they gave him 4 shots, instead of the usual 2. I think they made him temporarily loopy; which made for an entertaining ride home. Of course, it could have been my driving. He always has something *cough* clever to say when I drive. Maybe something blogworthy will happen tomorrow...but I certainly don't dare to hope for it.


  1. The driving is a "male thang". I think its intensified for those that drive for a living. There is only one reason that my husband ever allows me to drive and he knows that he is at my mercy, so he better sit back and shut up!

  2. AMEN! Those that drive for a living are OFF THE CHAIN when riding w/someone else, especially the wives! Hate that Jamie's having such trouble ~ Will add him to the prayer list.