Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween '09 in review...

Phew! I am SO glad Halloween is behind us. We had a great time...but I'm exhausted. We went to the nursing home Thursday night to see Grandma and Aunt Elizabeth before heading out to get all our loot...

Then we dressed up for costume day and Trunk-or-Treat at school Friday...

Tonight we went to Reidsville to tag along with Peyton on his first Halloween. He was supposed to be a monkey, but the costume was too hot for the 85 degree weather. I think he's the cutest last-minute scarecrow ever! Getting all 3 of them looking at the camera was a nightmare!!

After just a tiny bit of Trick or Treating in Reidsville, we went back to Jack and Anna's and got comfy and had supper and a great visit. We love "Uncle Jack and Aunt Anna" and Aunt Jamie!!!


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  1. At least Peyton's eyes were drawn to the "angel" and not the "devil" :)