Sunday, February 21, 2010

Girls night out.....

Mama and I took the wild girls out for a few pictures yesterday. We went to Loves in Richmond Hill for supper, and while we were waiting for opening, took a few pics down by the river. It is nearly impossible to get the girls to stand still for a split second...and the pebbles certainly proved to be a distraction...but I did manage to get a few cute ones. On the way to RH, we challenged the girls to try something they'd never had for supper. So for an appetizer, they both tried (and LOVED) calamari! Emi ordered (and enjoyed) frog legs, and Bailey tried (and liked) them as well. Bailey even shocked us by grabbing a fried mushroom and trying it. She didn't like it....but she figured since she was enjoying so many other new things she'd give it a shot. The sun was setting as we were finishing supper, so we ran back down to the water for a few more quick pics. Afterward, we went to the mall for a carousel ride since they were so good. :)


  1. LOVING the new pix! But, calamari & frog legs? Geez! Now the mushroom she could pass to me, ha ha!

  2. There is one little girl y'all forgot to take on the night out!! Those did turn out cute! Love the one in front of the sunset

  3. Love the pics!! They are too cute!! The girls are really growing up fast...